It will not be easy, discovering how the chili pepper spread around the world and became adopted in such incredibly diverse ways. It is an unrecorded history, a process that took place at the lowest levels of society, in people’s kitchens. In what I’ve found so far, it is a fascinating story about humanity, and I’m excited to learn more and turn this into a great book.

Nithin Coca

Spicy Quest

Here’s how you can get involved with Spicy Quest

Spicy Quest is always looking for new content about, well chili peppers! Specifically, there are two types of stories that are we looking for.

  • What does the Chili Peppers mean to you? – At the heart of Spicy Quest is understanding how the chili creates cultural identity. So share, what does the chili mean to you, as a person, but also as a member of a community. (see mine here). Cnce enough stories are submitted, I’ll setup an interactive forum where you can read others stories, make comments, and debate the power of the mighty chili.
  • Chili Research – Do you know something about the chili peppers history? Then pitch me a story – if it sounds like a good fit, we’d be happy to publish it!

Use the contact form below to send me your ideas.

If you have a skill that you’d like to utilize towards this project, then submit your application to intern for Spicy Quest.

This will be a remote position, so people from all around the world are encouraged to apply.

Specific Skills Needed

Languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and Dutch.

Graphic and Web Design skills

Research Skills


– Work as much as you want, on your own schedule, from wherever you are.

– Build your resume, have your name featured in the author page.

– If I do get funding, you may be able to join me in one of the research countries (especially if you can speak a language!)

As with all content on this site, all your research and guest posts become open-sourced under Creative Commons 3.0, meaning you can do whatever with it you want. I don’t take ownership of anything you do.

To Apply

Send a short cover letter through the contact form below explaining your background, skills, your interest in chili peppers and food history, and at what level you’d like to be involved. Please include links to your resume, website (if you have one), or your LinkedIn profile.

We need more and more people to know about Spicy Quest, so that we can fulfill our project goals. Here’s how you can help.

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  • Share our Instagram photos (and use the hashtag #spicyquest and we’ll share your’s!).
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