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Nithin Coca

Nithin Coca

Project Lead, Journalist

Writing is my form of artistic expression. Having worked for years at numerous global NGOs (and traveling quite a bit in-between), now, I am a freelance journalist who contributes to several global media outlets.

My Spicy Story: When I was young, I found myself in the strange position of being the least-tolerant to spicy food in my family, but easily above all my classmates in school. I believe spicy food transcends borders, and through this project, I hope to bring the world closer together through our shared culinary culture.

William Tan

William Tan


Cameras are great teachers. Thanks to photography, I discovered a new way of seeing the world, it helped me to develop a great sense of observation, to be more tolerant and open minded by seeing the beauty in everything, I feel closer to the reality. A camera is a great tool to change the world, wherever I go on a mission, I use my camera to testimony about topics that are important to me.

My Spicy Story: Chilies are part of my travels, everywhere I go, I try to get spicy food, there are so many ways to cook chili and it is always fascinating. A world without chili is unthinkable, I’m definitely a chili lover !

John Chuidian

John Chuidian

Phillippines Researcher

Johnny is an adventurer, altruist, and artist. From Cambodia to Tanzania to Canada, he takes pictures, writes, makes videos, and more all in the service to humanity and the planet.

My Spicy Story: Chilies mean packing an extra punch to food for him. They also mean punching the person who used the wrong chilies for his food.

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