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The Chili Pepper Map is an interactive way to learn about the history and journey of the chili, from South America to all around the world. This map will be updated often with new information, and will also trace my own journey to discover and tell the story of the chili pepper. 

On this map, you can really see how epic the journey of the chili pepper, from the jungles of South America to its present day reaches really was. However, the story how this happened is barely known. This project aims to put the pieces together, because the story of the chili is a story about humanity and culture in its most basic form – the food we put in our mouth and how that food defines who we are.

Zoom in, zoom out, explore the world of the chili pepper. See something missing? Want more information about a particular site? Then contact me here.


 plant icon->Origins chili_pepper-> Varieties  sailing_ship ->Journey pan-> Uses

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